Gary Brandeis in The Pub

Gary Brandeis joins us in The Pub, discussing Scholar State College & Social Food + Drink🎙

Gary is the President and Founder of the Scholar Hotel Group.

Gary Brandeis in The Pub

Gary Brandeis in The Pub The Pub Podcast

Gary Brandeis, Scholar Hotel and Social Food + Drink, joins us in The Pub
  1. Gary Brandeis in The Pub
  2. The Pub Podcast, Ep. 1

The Pub Podcast

The Pub Podcast launches March 17, 2021

Braden Social Media has announced The Pub Podcast, launching on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, and hosted by Eric Zimmett. Covering the Food & Beverage Industry through interviews with notable figures throughout Happy Valley, Pa, as well as insight drawn from Zimmett’s decade-long career covering technology.

Braden Social Media is an advertising agency in the Hospitality Industry helping brands engage with their community through compelling content. Eric Zimmett, Principal at Braden Social Media, has spent his career covering advertising and technology. Zimmett’s research on advertising was developed into coursework ‘Attention and Intent, The Customer’s Path to Purchase’ — taught at Penn State University in the summer of 2014.

Braden Social Media Launches “The Pub”

Supporting the Food & Beverage Industry in Happy Valley, Pa

Braden Social Media, an advertising agency in the Hospitality Industry, has announced the launch of The Pub, supporting F&B brands in Central Pennsylvania, beginning with The Pub Podcast on March 17, 2021 🍀

The Pub from Braden Social Media seeks to bring the Food & Beverage industry back to healthy levels, while maintaining current health & safety standards for guests.

Sláinte 🍻

Sláinte means “health” in Irish and Scottish Gaelic and is commonly used as a drinking toast.

Braden Social Media brings together more than a decade of Social and Public Relations experience along with local groups like State College Eats, and working in partnership with organizations like The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau, the official tourism promotion agency for Centre County, and other industry resources like Toast, Inc — all with a shared goal, to bring our industry back to health. Sláinte. The Pub Opens March 17, 2021. 🍀 Join the waitlist by emailing

Partnering with Toast

Braden Social Media LLC is excited to announce we are now a Local Toast Partner.

“With a shared industry focus on Restaurants & Hospitality, Toast is an ideal local partner, and will add additional resources and industry knowledge to Braden Social Media and our clients, whenever appropriate,” said Braden Social Media Principal Eric Zimmett.

Toast visited State College this month for a nice intro coffee (& Toast) with Braden Social Media to discuss the partnership details and how we’ll work together throughout the year. Cheers to a great partnership!

Toast, Inc. is a cloud-based restaurant software company based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company provides a restaurant management and point of sale system. Learn more about Toast at

Social Media in Hospitality

We are Braden Social Media, LLC, an advertising agency serving the hospitality industry — food & beverage, lodging & events.

hos·pi·tal·i·ty / the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.


Taking hospitality to social Media

Effective social media use begins with the same philosophies we find in the hospitality industry — welcoming visitors into your business, engaging with guests and building relationships.

The first step is developing a social media strategy that aligns with your brand and showcases what guests will find when they visit you in person.

“People go only to places they have already been in their minds.”

Roy H. Williams

The goal is to introduce users to you on social, take them behind the scenes, start building a relationship. And then give them a similar reception when they visit you in person. The closer your social media can be to the actual experience the better.

How we operate

Braden Social Media LLC specializes in social media for the hospitality industry — food & beverage, lodging & events.

We work with a select number of clients within hospitality, usually between five to 10, choosing our projects and clients carefully to develop and deliver customized services.

For new customer engagements, our team will first analyze our client’s Brand & positioning — and only then develop Strategy and Marketing.

In Good Company

Braden Social Media principal Eric Zimmett has worked within the hospitality industry for the past 10 years — with clients including Kelly’s Steak & Seafood; Federal Taphouse in State College and Harrisburg, Pa; Domino’s Pizza franchise locations; Seven Mountains Wine Cellars; Stonefly Cafe; WR Hickey Beer Distributor; Penn State’s Nittany Lion Inn & Whiskers Pub; Historic Boalsburg, Pa; and more.

Braden Social Media is now a local Toast partner

“With a shared industry focus on food & beverage, Toast is an ideal local partner, and will add additional resources and industry knowledge to Braden Social Media and our clients, whenever appropriate,” said Braden Social Media Principal Eric Zimmett.