let us introduce ourselves & our craft

We’re Braden Social, a social media boutique agency helping brands build trust, loyalty & revenue through unforgettable customer experiences.

We serve as the social agency of record for Harpers, Seven Mountains Wine Cellars, Kelly’s Steak & Seafood, CATABUS, AMTRAN, BlueWhiteTV, and other great brands throughout Central Pennsylvania.

Serving Central Pa from South Allen Street since 2014.

Swim Against The Stream

our story

Braden Social was founded in 2014 by Eric Zimmett, who’s spent the past decade working across traditional, digital and social media. A foundation that influences everything we do.

Braden Social’s first social media campaign, “Bookie Takeover,” received local and national coverage. The social guerrilla promo saw the store’s mascot, Bookie, take over Twitter and the streets of State College, Pa.

“Is a creepy looking bear mascot climbing in a dumpster on campus one of the weirder things you’ve ever seen? Probably. But in a weird way, its creepiness and absurdity is pretty funny…” (Onward State)


Your customers are on social media, and they’re likely already talking about your business. Shouldn’t you be there to hear them?

That’s what sets us apart from other agencies.

As the first social media company in Centre County, we’re built for social from the ground up.

We offer an array of services from social media consulting; full-service social media management; to our very own social guerrilla marketing — from online to the streets.

Our full-service social management — serving as your Social Agency of Record — includes content creation, writing posts, design, photography, live video; as well as personally curated industry content; social customer service; and social advertising.

As your Social Agency Of Record, or SAOR, we’ll respond as your brand, handling communication from comments, questions, complaints, and praise.

Providing the responsiveness, customer care, and strategic brand response that’s needed to take your social media to the next level — making it truly ‘social.’ Your customers will feel the difference.

kind words

“Some of my vendors that follow us on Facebook and Instagram said they saw all the pictures [of our sign install] today. Pretty cool to be in Chicago and have people take notice.” — Brian Cohen, HARPERS

“Braden Social has done an excellent job in developing, building and maintaining my company’s online social media presence. [They are] personable, dependable and receptive.” — Jackie Sheader, CATA

“Eric is constantly looking for new avenues to reach our customers, aware of all trends within the field, and his creativity and knowledge are invaluable. ” — Michael Woytowich, Student Book Store

“I like Eric’s perspective. He always lays out a solid business case for why people should use technology to enhance their business. It’s stuff that small business owners need to know. ” — Jay Hauser, Facebook Inc.

“Eric has consistently exhibited a sincere desire to provide me and my organization with the best possible service and product for the money. I have come to trust and value his insight into the advertising arena and am confident that he has always had our best interests in mind. I would give my highest possible recommendation in rating Eric as a professional, informed colleague.” — Thom Brewster, CentrePeace Inc

“I just loved the personal and hands on approach provided by Eric. When you team up with Eric, he will personally take care of you. He is very responsive, focused and goal oriented. No task was too challenging for Eric and he would be a tremendous asset to your business. It was truly an honor and privilege to work with Eric .” — Katrina Parrott, iDiversicons, Cub Club Investments

“I see [Eric’s] updates primarily in Facebook and LinkedIn. What’s great is that they are often my first peek at that particular news item. Either that says I’m spending too much time on social sites or that Eric is doing an exceptional job keeping me up to date. I believe it’s the latter.” — Jeff Erickson, Roland Creative

“Eric’s determination to become a true media professional has opened the doors for him to create a powerful relationship with his clients. Whenever I need an inside perspective on the radio market or need his experience regarding media spending, Eric has always been a valued and trusted extension of my company.” — Mark Dello Stritto, Loaded Creative

let’s connect

Call us 814.826.3119, email hello@bradensocial.com or message us on Facebook at m.me/bradensocial to schedule a meetup at our coworking space in State College, Pa; or we can meet at yours.