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We’re Braden Social, a social media agency helping our clients create an authentic, engaging, and attentive social brand.

“My vendors that follow us on Facebook and Instagram said they saw all the pictures [of our sign install] today. Pretty cool to be in Chicago and have people take notice.”  Brian Cohen, HARPERS 

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As the leading social media agency in Central Pennsylvania, we’re trusted by some of the area’s most established brands.

We serve as the social agency of record for HarpersKelly’s Steak & Seafood; Seven Mountains Wine Cellars; Guardian Elder Care; Doty & Hench; WR Hickey Beer Distributor; State College DominosCATA.


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social first, social only

Every message, like, and review, it’s what we do — in fact it’s all we do. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, we’re focused exclusively on social media.

As the first pure social media agency in Central Pennsylvania, we’re built for social from the ground up, providing full-service social media services — from social media content creationbrand management, and social advertising; to photography & video, Facebook Live, and our signature Social Guerrilla marketing.


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Founder Eric Braden Zimmett was freelancing in social media and teaching at Penn State University in the summer of 2014 when he launched Braden Social Media, LLC. With more than a decade of practice across advertising, technology, and customer service, Eric has a background built for social media.

Irish folklore: braden feasa

Photo by Flickr user William Murphey flickr infomatique
Photo by Flickr user William Murphey flickr infomatique

Braden [Bradán] is derived from an Irish Gaelic word meaning “salmon.” The bradán feasa is the ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ in Irish folklore.

“According to Celtic legend, an ordinary salmon ate nine hazelnuts that fell into the well of wisdom. By this act, the salmon gained the world’s knowledge. The first person to eat of its flesh would, in turn, gain this knowledge.”

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“My vendors that follow us on Facebook and Instagram said they saw all the pictures [of our sign install] today. Pretty cool to be in Chicago and have people take notice.” Brian Cohen, HARPERS 
“Braden Social Media has done an excellent job in developing, building and maintaining my company’s online social media presence. He is personable, dependable and receptive.” — Jackie Sheader, CATA
“Eric is constantly looking for new avenues to reach our customers, aware of all trends within the field, and his creativity and knowledge are invaluable.” — Michael Woytowich, Student Book Store
“I like Eric’s perspective. He always lays out a solid business case for why people should use technology to enhance their business. It’s stuff that small business owners need to know.” — Jay Hauser, Facebook Inc.
“Great article, Eric. As consumers are shifting media consumption to social platforms, it’s critical for businesses of all sizes to reconfigure their media plans to reflect this reality.” — John Andrews, Photofy
“Eric’s high ethical standards, strong aptitude and professionalism have served him well. I know he will be the best that he can be, particularly at meeting his clients’ needs and goals.” — Robert Martin, Penn State University
“Eric’s determination to become a true media professional has opened the doors for him to create a powerful relationship with his clients. Eric has always been a valued and trusted extension of my company.” — Mark Dello Stritto, Loaded Creative


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