Welcoming Chelsea

Braden Social Media State College Pa

We'd like to send a big Braden Social welcome to Chelsea, who will be joining us from Penn State University for the semester. Chelsea will be assisting with agency tasks as well as brand content development. Swim Against the Stream™ 🌊🐟

Introducing Corey

We'd like to officially introduce Corey Marfitt to the Braden Social Media team. A senior at Penn State University, Corey is studying Advertising in the Bellisario College of Communications. Corey also writes for College Magazine, and recently completed an internship with Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics. Welcome to the team, Corey! 🌊 🐟 #SwimAgainstTheStream

From the ad archives: Super Bowl Advertising

That's what each advertiser strives for. To make its ads stick in the consumer's mind for years to come. Maybe that's done with something "big." Maybe that's done with humor, or talking frogs. Maybe it's done with a simple, yet compelling, message.