Where it all began

At the forefront of social media marketing since its inception, founder Eric Zimmett started his first advertising blog in 2009 with Eric’s Ad Blog. Then launched his first live tech show in 2012 — nearly three years before the launch of popular livestreaming app Periscope, and four years before the start of Facebook Live.

Zimedia TV (2012)

Over the past decade, Eric has lectured for Penn State University; South Hills School of Business and Technology; Juniata College; Dale Carnegie & Associates Inc; The Penn State Chapter of the American Advertising Federation; Summer Study Programs of Melville, NY; and served as adjunct instructor for Penn State University.

Eric started started his freelance career in 2010, working with companies from the East to the West Coast, laying the groundwork for Braden Social Media.

Over that same span, Eric developed his own advertising course — Attention & Intent — which he first taught in the summer of 2014, and later an abridged version at various lectures.

Eric received a B.A. in Journalism from Penn State University, where he was also a accepted into the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. Eric is a Graduate of Dale Carnegie & Associates.

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