Social Proof

From a community of 7,000 local tastemakers — local and authentic user-generated content for hospitality brands 

Social Proof by Braden Social, user-generated content for hospitality brands.

These local tastemakers are real customers, exploring new spots and hometown favorites, which they share to their networks as authentic experiences. Then we share to your pages and more than 8k members in our Facebook Groups Happy Valley Eats, Drinks and Events.


We executed our first user-generated content campaign in 2020. After delivering a number of UCG campaigns, we officially launched our own service in 2023 — Social Proof by Braden Social.

When paired with our Facebook Groups Happy Valley Eats, Happy Valley Drinks, and Happy Valley Events — a community of more than 7,000 local tastemakers — Social Proof will further amplify the power of user-generated content.

Social Proof: the Science

Social proof is based on the idea that human beings are naturally social creatures and have a strong desire to fit in and conform to the norms of their social group. When we are unsure about a particular decision, we often look to others for guidance. If we see that others are doing something, we are more likely to follow suit.

This concept has important implications for marketing and advertising. By using social proof, companies can increase the perceived value of their products or services and encourage people to take action. [Read more on our blog]

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