Eric B Zimmett

Eric B Zimmett is an advisor helping small businesses make better use of their social media. He’s president & founder at Braden Social Media LLC.

“Strategies that small business owners need to know”

Eric lays out a solid business case for why people should use technology to enhance their business. It’s stuff that small business owners need to know.” — Jay Hauser, Technical Writer at Amazon

Eric can help if…

  • You feel stuck between traditional marketing and social media
  • You’d rather focus on your business and let someone else manage your social media
  • You have someone handling social media in-house but would like an outside review
  • You want to handle social media yourself, but could use a little help making it work

“Great article, Eric. As consumers are shifting media consumption to social platforms, it’s critical for businesses of all sizes to reconfigure their media plans to reflect this reality.” — John Andrews, Founder at Collective Bias

“I just loved the personal and hands on approach provided by Eric. When you team up with him, he will personally take care of you. It was truly an honor and privilege to work with Eric. ” — Katrina Parrott, Founder at Cub Club Investments LLC