About Eric

Eric B. Zimmett is a Principal and Creative Director at Braden Social Media LLC

Founder Eric B. Zimmett began his research on consumer behavior in 2009 with the development of his course Advertising Interrupted.

Eric has since taught his Advertising Interrupted material in various guest lectures at Penn State University, South Hills School of Business and Technology, and Juniata College. He also served as Graduate Assistant with Dale Carnegie Training.

Eric completed the Ogilvy Course on Behavioural Economics in January 2022, led by Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland.

“I like Eric’s perspective. He always lays out a solid business case for why people should use technology to enhance their business. It’s stuff that small business owners need to know.”

Jay Hauser – Facebook, Amazon

Eric graduated from Penn State University in 2008, and Dale Carnegie in 2010. In 2022, Eric completed the Cannes Lions Course on Copywriting; the Ogilvy Course on Social Media; Cannes Lions Behavioural Science for Brands; and The Ogilvy Course on Applied Behavioural Science.