About Eric

Since starting his career in journalism 17 years ago, research and storytelling has been the unifying theme in Eric’s work, from marketing to photography.

Eric’s journalism background allows him to approach each project with an ear — and eye — for uncovering the story.

From Journalism to Advertising

Eric started his work as a journalist in 2006, writing for the Courier Express & Tri-County Sunday in DuBois, Pa, where he served as the beat writer for the Penn State DuBois Basketball team. He earned a BA in Journalism from Penn State University in 2008. This research & storytelling style is found throughout his work.

Over his career, Eric has served as adjunct instructor with Summer Study Programs of Melville NY. Eric’s coursework on advertising and consumer behavior was introduced at Penn State University in 2014. He has since taught his material in various guest lectures at Penn State University, South Hills School of Business and Technology, and Juniata College.

Eric’s research on consumer behavior inspires him to create content that’s both authentic to the brand and engaging to its customers.

About Braden

Braden [Bradán] is derived from an Irish Gaelic word meaning “salmon.” Salmon, of course, Swim Against the Stream.

Bradán feasa is the ‘Salmon of Knowledge’ in Irish folklore.

The Salmon of Knowledge

According to Celtic legend, an ordinary salmon ate nine hazelnuts that fell into the well of wisdom. By this act, the salmon gained the world’s knowledge. The first person to eat of its flesh would, in turn, gain this knowledge.


Eric’s journalism instincts also cause him to be intensely curious.

Eric works with clients to increase conversions, repeat visits, and enjoyment through the use of behavioral science — the study of human behavior.

Effective use of behavioral science principles can improve all aspects of marketing. From social proof to nudge consumers, to the anchoring effect on menus to increase the average ticket size.

“In the same way that you wouldn’t trust a doctor with no knowledge of physiology or an engineer ignorant of physics, my experience over the last dozen or so years suggests that it’s foolhardy to work with an advertiser who knows nothing of behavioral science.”

— Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory 

Eric is certified by Ogilvy Consulting on Behavioral Science, Applied Behavioral Science, and Social Media

Eric is certified by Cannes Lions School for Behavioral Science for Brands, and Storytelling

In 2022, Eric completed the Cannes Lions Course on Copywriting, Cannes Lions Course on Storytelling, the Cannes Lions Course on Marketing Strategy, and the Cannes Lions Behavioural Science for Brands; as well as The Ogilvy Course on Applied Behavioural Science, The Ogilvy Course on Behavioural Economics, and the Ogilvy Course on Social Media.

Eric is a 2008 Penn State graduate, as well as a 2010 graduate of Dale Carnegie & Associates. Eric was Certified by Greg Williams Professional Photography in 2022. Eric is a member of The Association of Photographers (AOP), one of the most prestigious professional photographers’ associations in the world.

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