Swim Against The Stream™ 

Braden Social works on a small number of projects, typically between eight to 12 engagements. This self-imposed constraint forces Eric to be selective — which allows him to take the time to create better work and build better relationships with his clients.

Authentic and engaging content for brands

Our Approach

Braden Social offers nimble social strategy and implementation which can work alongside your organization to help brand your business with authentic and engaging content. With the addition of Braden Social Photography, you’ve got a full media suite.

Which means — in the case of a company event — we can help promote your event via social and press, photograph your event, and provide post-event coverage on social. From pre- to post-event content, and everywhere in between.

From Journalism to Advertising

Principal Eric Zimmett started his work as a journalist in 2004. This research & storytelling style is found throughout Braden’s work.

Eric’s research on consumer behavior inspired him to create content that’s both authentic to the brand and engaging to its customers.


Eric works with clients to increase conversions, repeat visits, and enjoyment through the use of behavioral science — the study of human behavior.

Effective use of behavioral science principles can improve all aspects of marketing. From writing headlines and copy that people remember; using social norms to nudge consumers; or the anchoring effect on menus to increase the average ticket size.

“In the same way that you wouldn’t trust a doctor with no knowledge of physiology or an engineer ignorant of physics, my experience over the last dozen or so years suggests that it’s foolhardy to work with an advertiser who knows nothing of behavioral science.”

— Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory 

Eric Zimmett of Braden is certified by Cannes Lions School for Behavioral Science, Storytelling, Marketing Strategy, and Copywriting.

Braden Social