Blonde Bistro and Axemann Brewery host Oktoberfest

Das Haus war verpackt! Oktoberfest at Axemann Brewery and The Blonde Bistro drew a record-setting crowd to the 20,000 square foot production brewery and taproom on Axemann Road in Bellefonte.

It was the second annual Oktoberfest celebration at Axemann on Sept. 20, 2021 — the first being somewhat limited with restricted seating and spacing due to the pandemic. Though the facility — the former Cerro Metal Factory in Titan Energy Park — does allow for adequate spacing when required.

Oktoberfest itself originated in 1810 as a celebration of the marriage between Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig und Prinzessin Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The celebration took place over five days, when the locals ate, drink, listened to music, and enjoyed a festival-like atmosphere with parades and a horse race. It was such a success the event became an annual tradition.

Axemann Brewery opened in 2020 at Titan Energy Park in Bellefonte, at first with a standalone product, Blue Stripe beer, perfected as a home brew over six years in a barn milk house by owner Rod Stahl. Today, Axemann has several long standing varieties, as well as seasonal and limited releases, including an Oktoberfest and a stout. And an appropriate food-pairing with the adjoining Blonde Bistro.

The Blonde Bistro, led by owner Ciara Semack, joined Axemann after moving from its original location in Downtown Bellefonte. With an extensive menu from handhelds, to shareables, and ‘big plates’ featuring pasta dishes, chicken entrees, as well as ‘Axemann’s Faire,’ including Bratwurst, Sausage Sampler, Kebab, Tater Kegs, and more.

My personal favorite is The Blonde Bistro’s pepperoni pizza, a side of boneless bites, paired with Axemann’s Hop Alloy IPA.

Published by Eric Zimmett

Principal at Braden Social Media

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