The best advertising doesn't look like advertising. 

The best advertising speaks to people, not in ad-speak but in simple, honest language. Sometimes it entertains. And it always leaves an impression. 

Social Guerrilla Marketing: what we have dubbed our new on-the-street and across social media marketing featuring our street team, props and face-to-face interaction with everyday people. 

Take this fun promotion we launched for the Student Book Store. We understood our brand, our audience and found an untapped resource: the store's mascot, Bookie The Bear

It aligned with our low-purchase point, style category of products (more on style vs. substance marketing in a future post) and our audience: college students. 

We had Bookie "take over" the store's Twitter account for the week. We documented the hijacking on Twitter, showing Bookie posing at various locations around Penn State University. 

Because we found an idea that we thought would resonate with students, something cool happened. Bookie was a hit. 

Fans posed in photos, followed the posts online, and two media outlets covered the Bookie Takeover. It was a bigger success than we planned, and it all started with an idea that aligned with our industry, our audience and one simple goal: let's have some fun with our fans. 

Onward State: Bookie The Bear: The Student Book Store’s Resurrected (And Creepy) Mascot

National Association of College Stores: Student Store Brings Back Bookie the Bear